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Update Your Curb Appeal

Refresh or modernize your patio, walkway or staircase with New Castle Artisan. Our process is fast, customized and installed by hand to create artisan concrete patios, walkways and stairs at your home.

We can take any existing stone, brick or concrete patios and transitional areas such as walkways, hallways and stairs, and create a new look that we warranty against peeling and delaminating for two years. Our process turns a repair into a home improvement that will last for years.

Picturesque Patios

We can take your patio to a new level. Any faded, cracked or chipped pato can become a valued addition to your home with New Castle Artisan. Our process involves repairing, sealing and restoring your existing patio and then creating a new artisanal design. We complete all of our finishing work by hand to ensure that complete your vision and allowing us to spot-repair any future damage that isn’t covered under our two-year warranty.


Welcoming Walkways

If your transition spaces, like walkways and hallways, are worn or outdated, turn to New Castle Artisan to make a transformation. Our process can be applied to any concrete product that is damaged, uneven or cracked. In addition to repairing your walkway or hallway, we will hand-carve your cement into a new work of art that will resist peeling and cracking. We can help you achieve the look you want, and make it last for years.


Splendid Stairways

New Castle Artisan transform staircases that have exceeded expectations for numerous years. Our product mechanically bonds to your cement and allows us to not only repair, but renovate your staircase with a design that you create. Using any existing cement staircase as a base, we can add rich color, accent or match existing portions of your home. We’ll hand-carve the cement to achieve your desired finish and guarantee our work for two years.

No Hassle Consultation and Quote

We've distilled our process into 4 Steps - the same steps we have been using for numerous years. We work with you to custom design a solution that fits your style and budget.

Initial Contact

We begin with a quick call to determine the scope of your project and set a time for our in-home consultation.


Gwen, our design specialist will come to your home or business to survey the landscape for the upcoming project.

Review Samples

Gwen will share a series of sample projects to get an idea of your preferred colors, styles and review options.

Free Estimate

In most cases our team can provide on-the-spot pricing at the conclusion of our quick and painless in-home consultation.

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