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Solid Flooring Solutions

Solid Flooring Solutions

New Castle Artisan provides concrete resurfacing solutions for commercial and residential flooring including warehouses, garages, showrooms, shower rooms, and basements. Our acrylic polymer resins create a mechanical bond with concrete that is far stronger than epoxy flooring solutions.

Our products are applied by hand for a unique artistic touch that can be customized however you would like. We offer various styles from simple solid color flooring to textured finishes comparable to brick or natural stone.


Customized Designs

All of our customized flooring solutions are waterproof and will hold up to heavy traffic. Because our products are applied by hand and do not require the use of heavy machinery, we can work in spaces where access is limited. We will work with you to select from a variety of colors and styles to add beautiful accents to your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, laundry room or anywhere that a unique look combined with protection from moisture is desired.


Personalized Service

At New Castle Artisan, you will work directly with our owners from concept to completion, As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality customer service. This pertains not only to the work we done on-site but to the process that we follow throughout every job. We understand the importance of getting the job finished correctly and timely and also how important this improvement is to your home or business.


Upgrade Your Repair

We repair cracked and faded concrete while creating a new aesthetic and value to commercial or residential properties. Upgrade your business with our Castle Rock concrete resurfacing flooring solutions. At only a fraction of the cost of natural stone, slate or marble, our polymer flooring surfaces help make luxury affordable. Unlike laminate, panels, stamped concrete, epoxy or other inferior products, our floors are handcrafted and built to last.

No Hassle Consultation and Quote

We've distilled our process into 4 Steps - the same steps we have been using for numerous years. We work with you to custom design a solution that fits your style and budget.

Initial Contact

We begin with a quick call to determine the scope of your project and set a time for our in-home consultation.


Gwen, our design specialist will come to your home or business to survey the landscape for the upcoming project.

Review Samples

Gwen will share a series of sample projects to get an idea of your preferred colors, styles and review options.

Free Estimate

In most cases our team can provide on-the-spot pricing at the conclusion of our quick and painless in-home consultation.

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