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Worn Walls to Welcome Additions

Transform your accent walls with a new freestanding finish from New Castle Artisan. Using Castle Stone, our vertically-carved cement, we can create any design to match your existing decor or create an entirely new style.

Instead of tearing out your existing wall or needing to worry about whether an improvement would require structural support, our product can adhere to nearly all services including sheetrock and wood. Using our efficient and cost-effective process, you’ll have a new accent wall in just a couple of days.


Design Lasting Luxury

Upgrade any room with a customized stone accent wall hand-carved by New Castle Artisan. Our concrete resurfacing process can turn any repair into a beloved home improvement. We will work with you to create a design that matches your style and preference. Since every project is unique and handmade, your accent wall will look like a mural of stone created specifically for your home. Because of our process, we create luxury that you can afford. We do our work quickly, and often with hand-tools, but it last for years.


The Expert Artisans

For numerous years, New Castle Artisan has created decorative accent walls across South Jersey. We are a family-run business that depends on customer satisfaction and loyalty, so we ensure that we do our best work for every project. We’ll work with you to create an accent wall that will stand proudly in your home. Your new hand-carved vertical cement accent wall is guaranteed from discoloration or delamination. If any damage does occur, we can spot repair almost anything.


Upgrade Ordinary Repairs

Whether your walls are cracked, worn, unfinished or out-of-style, New Castle Artisan can upgrade any repair into a transformation project. We can restore any deformities or damage to your existing walls while creating a customized design that we will hand-carve on your wall. Unlike traditional tear-out methods, we are a small team that works quickly, so you can enjoy the beauty of your vertical cement accent wall. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

No Hassle Consultation and Quote

We've distilled our process into 4 Steps - the same steps we have been using for numerous years. We work with you to custom design a solution that fits your style and budget.

Initial Contact

We begin with a quick call to determine the scope of your project and set a time for our in-home consultation.


Gwen, our design specialist will come to your home or business to survey the landscape for the upcoming project.

Review Samples

Gwen will share a series of sample projects to get an idea of your preferred colors, styles and review options.

Free Estimate

In most cases our team can provide on-the-spot pricing at the conclusion of our quick and painless in-home consultation.

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